My Story

samples of art by whimsical animal artist Kristy Jarvis

I’m Kristy, a whimsical artist and DFW local. I’m a dreamer, mermaid at heart, and maker of whimsy. Inspired by nature, I work with watercolor, ink, acrylic, clay, and various mixed-media to create art with child-like charm. I love to experiment with different ideas. I’m a huge animal lover so most of my work features animals. Each piece is created with a lot of imagination and love.

As a child, I loved drawing and creating characters from found objects. My love of visual art lead me to a career in Graphic Design. After years of creating digital layouts, I was presented with the opportunity to stay home with my children which was where my heart was. Spending the day with littles, playing and reading stories which often featured animals, sparked my imagination. I began drawing, painting, and making things again. It has become my form of meditation, I get lost in each piece and time stands still. I imagine each character has their own story. Now both of my children are off to school and I’m able to spend a little more time creating. I am excited to see what the future holds! I hope you find a piece of my whimsical art that speaks to you.

When I am not creating, you can find me submerged in family, daydreaming, drinking coffee, practicing yoga, bike-cruising, and experimenting with new plant-based recipes.

I believe we are all born artists but somewhere along the way, we forget. Find some inspiration for your inner-artist!

You can see some of my work in my Gallery. Purchase prints in my shop.